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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Radio 2000 - Radio 2000 Medley / Classic 2000 1981



*  A medley of songs accompanied with a guitar sound characteristic of the 60's like style of those bands ''beat'',the side B not is Disco!,7'' and 12'' are the same

 Producer – Frithjof Krepp, Rolf Oppermann

Tracklist :

Radio 2000 Medley

A1 Radio 2000
A2 Peter Gun
A3 Wipe Out
A4 Walk Don't Run
A5 Apache
A6 Guitar Tango
A7 Geisterreiter (Ghost Riders In The Sky)
A8 F.B.I.
A9 Wonderful Land
A10 Johnny Guitar
A11 Radio 2000

B Classic 2000 (Not Disco)

''Radio 2000''

Style : Soft/Rock,Electronic Disco,Rock & Roll,Instrumental

Encryption key :  kINTFZjC!pxWvS7evRaQQnmm0FjavrG_ddqFVKzzujYne2L2kqYo



  1. Hallo Gago, this is a fantastic medley, do you have a B side, Clasic 2000 ?
    Thanks in advanced Ivan

  2. ''Classic 2000'' not is Disco! is a popurri style pop/Surf,just i have this track,sorry